Congratulations on your amazing Oakwood Graduation! This is where all the graduation photos by Bonnie Burrow Photography and Dlugolecki Photography are.

Please know that Oakwood will be mailing 1 complimentary 8x10 2023 Class group photo to every graduate!

Also note that these are preview images--they will be cropped to size and adjusted individually before printing. We recommend using the least expensive shipping option. The production time for the prints does not speed up with more expensive shipping options, which will at best save a day or two.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you.
Class of 2023 Group Photos1 Entrance - camera left2 Entrance - camera right3 Performances - camera left4 Performances - camera right5 Speakers - camera left6 Speakers - camera right7 Special Acknowledgements A8 Special Acknowledgements B9 Receiving Diplomas - left10 Receiving Diplomas - center11 Recessional - camera left12 Recessional - camera center